Our cats

EbonyCatz Crazy Joker Pudding (Joker to his friends)
Joker has been a stud cat with Carney cat Cattery in the USA for some time. He has given the cattery lots of beautiful kittens with lovely coat quality. Now (October 2021) it is time for his retirement.

Supreme Grand Champion EbonyCatz Silvermist (Missy to her friends)
Missy is a cat full of confidence. Her showtemperament is fantastic. She likes to show off. In only two shows she was a Supreme! It is a title many cats are chasing for years. At home she likes to play, alone or with catfriend.
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Quadruple Grand Champion EbonyCatz Joyous Jasmine (Jassy to her friends), 3:e Best Bombay EN TICA 2010-2011,
Our big, beautiful girl is a great mother to her kittens.
Jassy loves to be and play with her bengalcat-friends. Read more about Jassys showmerits: Shows

EbonyCatz Joyous Jasmine has been to Frankfurt for Regional Winner-show!

RW Quadruple Grand Champion NeuHeidebergen Oxana of EbonyCatz (Strumpan (Socks) to her friends), Best Bombaykitten EN TICA 2009-2010, Best Bombay EN TICA 2009-2010, 6:e Best Bombaykitten TICA totally 2009-2010, 8:e Best Bombay TICA totally 2009-2010.
Our importgirl from Germany. With american lines, of course.
She is a beautiful cat. Social and cuddly. Her best friends is the children of the house. She loves to play and be with them. Once and then she chases the rest of the cats also, just to let them know she is around.
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RW Quadruple Grand Champion EbonyCatz Zim Zala Bim (Sally to her friends), Best Burmese EN TICA 2009-2010, 6:e Best Burmese TICA totally 2009-2010
photo: Ateljé Brorson

Sally is a wonderful cat with lots of purrsonality. Typhically burmese-temperament. She loves to play with her brother Charlie and tease him.

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RW Supreme Grand Champion Laki's Camellia (Poppi to her friends), Best Burmese EN TICA 2007-2008 and 3rd Best Burmese TICA totally 2007-2008, 4:e Best Burmese EN TICA 2009-2010, 12:e Best Burmese TICA totally 2009-2010..
Poppi is a very social cat. The children in the family can hug her and carry her around almost all the time - adult supervision of course. The fact that she is doing well at shows is just a bonus, she would have been loved anyway!

Best Burmese Cat-rosette 07/08
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