About us, EbonyCatz

We are breeding cats in a home enviroment, and has done so since 1996. Nowadays it is new cats and a new Catteryname: EbonyCatz (which obviosly is more international).
Åsa Broing is an Approved Allbreed catjudge and judge internationally around the world representant of TICA. She is also Chair of the Burmese and Bombay breed committee in TICA.
Beata Broing is a licenced clerk in the clerking program in TICA and a member of the Burmese and Bombay breed committee in TICA.

We have a breeding-program:
* To implement the Bombay and the American Burmese in Europe
* To breed social, healthy and well-adjusted cats.

Our philosophy is:
* To only use tested cats in our breeding program

All our cats are used to and handled by children from the age the kittens are 4 weeks.
We register our cats with the international catorganisation TICA, and are members thereof.
Members of different TICA-clubs.
Member of the United Burmese Cat Fanciers, Inc

If you would like more information after visited our website, you are welcome to contact

Åsa & Beata Broing
Döingabergsvägen 7
311 69 UGGLARP

+46 703 927475
e-mail: ebonycatz@hotmail.com

Please contact us before using text and pictures from our website!
(Ugglarp is south of Gothenburg)